Saturday, 23 November 2013

Sunshine Award Nominations AKA Hey! You! You stay awesome, ya hear?

So, this is pretty cool as far as I'm concerned. A friend of mine on the Twitter has nominated me for a Sunshine Award which is a fucking tits thing of him to do (you can follow him by searching for @Barry_Cinematic). I think it's like just something nice to do for your buddies. I don't think you get invited to a ceremony or anything. I don't know. It's still awesome to be mentioned by someone and after all, this is why we do what we do, right?

After having a look at the rules and regulations which come as a part of my nomination (nothing's ever fuckin' free, right?), it looks like I've got to use this logo at some point in my blog post...

Stock photo...check!

I have to link this to the person who nominated me (I'll have to do that in a minute because to be able to link it to Barry right at this moment in time would mean that I would have traveled to the future or something).

I have to answer 10 questions about myself and I can either use the ones I can see on Barry's post or make up my own. Ok, here we go;

Q. What is your most shameful movie confession?

A. I've never seen Point Break

Q. What's your favourite animal?

A. I like predators so birds of prey, wolves, big fuckin' cats, that kind of thing. You ever seen slow-mo footage of an owl coming towards a camera with its talons out and shit? Fuckin' spiders.

Q. What's your favourite non-alcoholic drink?

A. Well, I don't drink anymore so all of my favourite drinks are non alcoholic. At the minute, it's Cherry Coke but I can't be drinking no soda pop all the time so I mostly stick to tea.

Q. What's your favourite genre of music?

A. Punk and Post Punk (XTC, Joy Division, PiL, Wire) but then one of my favourite bands in the world is The Who. I'm also really digging UK based bands Future Of The Left and Young Knives.

Q. What's your favourite T.V show?

A. Star Trek - Original Series, Deep Space Nine and TNG although I am warming to Enterprise a bit more.

Q. What's your favourite movie-going memory?

A. There's a cinema pretty local to me called the Phoenix and they have these celebratory weekends which honour particular genre's or periods of movie making and one year I was at their Sci-Fi Movie festival where they were going to be screening 2001: A Space Odyssey. When it came round to the viewing, a guy stood in front of us in the audience and told us that we were extremely privileged to be watching an original print of the movie, sent in its original film cans with a xerox copy of the original letter Stanley Kubrick sent to all the movie theatres which screened 2001 way back in 1968, that gave specific orders for lighting, sound mix and even the length of the interval. Pretty special. Just seeing that movie on the big screen was incredible.

Q. What's the movie that most people love that you dislike?

A. Nolan's Batman movies. I'm not going to go into specifics right now. I just think they're complete dog shit.

Q. What's your favourite short film?

A. Years ago, I was shown this Batman fan-flick called 'Batman - Dead End' and it's fucking sick. I won't go into the plot for anyone who hasn't seen it, I just recommend finding it on YouTube and watching it immediately.

Q. What's your passion?

A. Sounds dumb but movies. I get a massive kick out of watching them, writing about them, talking about them.

Q. What's your favourite soundtrack?

A.  I have favourite composers. Those are; John Carpenter, Ennio Morricone, Lalo Schifrin, Alan Silvestri, James Horner, Jerry Goldsmith probably Goblin/Fabio Frizzi. I guess some of my favourite soundtracks are the ones for Star Trek II - The Wrath Of Khan and Star Trek III - The Search For Spock, Escape From New York and The Fog and probably Profondo Rosso because it sounds like Goblin were watching an entirely different movie when they wrote that soundtrack.

Ok, so that's all done. Now I need to nominate 10 bloggers;

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Ok, cool I think we're done. All that's left to do is let those people know that you've nominated them by putting a comment on their website and then you do all this shit again for yourself.

As Barry mentioned, if this just isn't your thing and this is all just a bit confusing to you (which it is to me) then just rest assured in the knowledge that if I could buy a house big enough for all of us, I would and we'd stay up all night playing games and eating cake.

Thanks again to Barry P. You really are a delicious bastard.

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