Sunday, 7 April 2013

Welcome to The Exploitation Movie Review

I'd say that exploitation cinema is pretty much my favourite genre of movie film making. Good exploitation cinema is a delicate eco-system (if in that eco-system nothing has evolved for the last thousand years) and it requires just the right conditions to make it work. It's often a combination of four things; ambitious but poor writing staff, knowledgeable but incompetent editing staff, committed but desperate acting talent and zero money. Put those four things together, add midgets, Nazi's, the occult, midget Nazi occultists and you should have yourself a movie. I'm not beyond the notion that all the blood, sweat and tears that go into these productions act simply as good beer and pizza night fodder but there's also a comforting sense of familiarity within them.

I don't know. I'm not a fucking poet or anything and pulling feelings out of my ass isn't my strong suit. I just like them and given that I spend at least 86% of my time watching them (citation needed), I thought I might as well write something about them. I'm planning on uploading a new review every week but occasionally may have to do them fortnightly or even a longer stretch of time (I work full time and you wouldn't believe the shit that goes into making these things 'just right') so please be patient with me and keep checking back for updates. These reviews are pretty fucking long but I figured that if I'm only doing one a week or one every two weeks, you should get a decent read out of them. Plus, I like to go in depth with this genre and there's always a stack of things to talk about. Think of it like Mystery Science Theatre or something.

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Thanks for your time, everyone!

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